About Brands

Means -Kindness﹒Integrity﹒Nourishing﹒Delightful﹒Appreciation of living.  We commit, we love, we embrace the planet.
We advocates to planet and animal protection by promoting luxury but affordable natural products.  
Currently we're the exclusive distributor of Hong Kong & Macau for these handcrafted brands:

- Dindi Naturals -
An Australian brand with 100% natural handcrafted products like soaps, face care, hair care, body care, pet care and home fragrance products.  Dindi's philosophy is【Skin Salvation﹒Planet Protection】

- Blackout Mask -
An Australian brand with 100% natural handcrafted face masks.  BOM is【A Skin Revolution】

- MotherSPF -
An Australian brand with 100% natural physical sunscreen.  MotherSPF's mission 【The MOTHER OF ALL SPF】The effortless, everyday sunscreen that cares.

These brands are handmade in Australia • Quality natural ingredients • Plant extracts • Palm Oil Free • Recyclable Packaging • Not Tested On Animal

- Noyah Cosmetics -
A clean & green beauty US brand for natural lip care & colors. Noyah believes earthy can be glamorous and aimed【To be leader in beauty innovation that benefits both health and planet】 

- Klee Naturals -
A US brand to develop and handcraft safe & natural makeup, water-based nail polish, and hair & bath products for our children.  Klee believes【why risk exposing our children to cheap chemicals?】 and the brand's pledges are: 

These brands are made in USA • Quality natural ingredients • Plant extracts • 100% Non-Toxic • NO Parabens & Phthalates • NO Synthetic Dyes & Synthetic Fragrances • Not Tested On Animal

Thus, you're committed to animal and planet protection with kindanaturals while enjoying a little luxurious with our products.