How to use BOM


贈送 「Mess Free面膜掃」毛掃質料柔軟-不刺激皮膚、均勻塗抹-護膚效果更佳、容易控制份量-不怕浪費、不再沾污雙手及地方。

*使用前必須將化妝品及防曬產品徹底洗走 - 建議使用天然潔面產品及暖水將臉部徹底清洗乾淨。
*使用Mess Free面膜掃將面膜均勻塗抹於臉上,請避開眼部範圍。
*面膜停留於臉上並不會變乾變硬, 您仍然可以輕鬆自由活動, 持續20分鐘。
*使用暖水及Mess Free小毛巾輕輕將面膜徹底抹走。
注意: 如使用冷水或會令椰子油凝固﹑使面膜變成凝固物, 此時只需使用天然潔面產品清洗乾淨便可。


Each pack 6-8 applications, 1-2 times per week, continuous using 4-6 weeks for better results.

With complimentary「Mess Free Applicator Brush」for better experience.

*Wash your face with a natural face cleanser and warm water. Ensure all make up and products are gently removed from the skin.
*Apply a generous amount of mask to application brush and paint entire face - avoiding the eye area.
*Leave the mask to dry for 20 minutes. You will notice our charcoal mask does not set hard, so we can still move your face - yay! Feel free to use this time as a little time out to relax.
*Rinse off mask using luke warm water and our disposable towels (designed for a mess free masking experience).
Note: If you use cold water, the coconut oil in the mask will set and can leave a residue on your skin. If this does happen, simply add a little cleanser to remove excess.