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Dindi Naturals

Dindi Body Mist - Petals 花瓣身體噴霧 100ml


Our best selling Dindi Petals body mist is loved by many for its rosy florals and includes the aroma-therapeutic benefits of rosalina, ylang ylang, palmarosa, rose geranium, frankincense and patchouli pure essential oils.


Shake well before use. Spray mist directly onto the skin, avoiding the face, eyes or broken, irritated skin. Reapply as often as desired.


Rose hydrosol*, pure essential oils of rose geranium, Peru Balsam, vanilla oleoresin*, patchouli*, ylang ylang*, rosalina, palmarosa*, rosewood, frankincense, vetiver, decyl glucoside, (*organic)

Vegan friendly 

Cruelty Free 零殘忍


All products are never tested on animals.

Fast Delivery 快速發貨


Delivery will be made within 1-3 days upon payment confirmation.

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Dindi Body Mist - Petals 花瓣身體噴霧 100ml

Know more 了解更多

Cautions 注意事項

• 所有天然產品不含化學防腐劑, 因此客人收到產品的有效期在4-12個月內均屬正常, 視乎產品性質而定。
• 部份產品現正續步更換包裝,但產品內容不變。因此客戶所訂購之產品有機會收到與圖片不同之新包裝。
• 每個批次之商品顏色及味道或會因應天然成份萃取而有異。
• 商品只供外用。避免接觸眼部。
• 請存放於乾燥陰涼及低於30℃的地方,避免陽光直接照射。
• 請置於兒童無法取得之地方。

• Chemical preservative does not exist in all natural products. It is normal if customer received a product with expiry in 4-12 months depending on its product nature.  • Some products are now proceeding packaging but contents are remain unchanged. Customer might receive the new packaging which is not the same as the product shot.
• Colour or scent may be vary from batch due to natural ingredients extracts.
• Product for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.
• Please store in a dry and dark area below 30°C, away from direct sunlight.
• Please keep out of reach of children.

Brand philosophy 品牌理念


- Dindi Naturals - 來自澳洲的個人護理如: 手工皂﹑面部護理﹑頭髮護理, 身體護理, 寵物及家居香薰產品,品牌理念為【拯救肌膚﹒保護環境】

- ASUVI - 來自澳洲的天然香體膏,品牌理念【可持續發展的願景﹒愛護環境的熱情】

- Blackout Mask - 來自澳洲的手工面膜,品牌推崇面膜是【完美的護膚革命】

- GEM - 來自澳洲的優質口腔護理【澳洲牙醫認可】

- MotherSPF - 來自澳洲的天然物理防曬,品牌遠景為【如大地之母的防曬保護】帶來可每天放心使用的防曬品 

• 澳洲製造 • 採用優質天然成份及植物萃取
• 不經動物性測試 • 支持循環再用物料


 - Klee Naturals - 來自美國專為兒童手造安全又天然的彩妝﹑水溶性指甲油﹑頭髮及身體護理產品,品牌堅信【為何甘願冒險讓我們的孩子們使用有害化學物?】

 - Noyah Cosmetics - 來自美國純淨及環保的有機唇部護理及天然彩妝產品,品牌深信環保也可以很華麗,遠景為【成為美妝界對健康及地球友好的創意領袖】

• 美國製造 • 採用優質天然成份及植物萃取 • 100%無毒物料

• 不含防腐劑及塑化劑 • 不含人造顏料及人造香料 • 不經動物性測試



kindanaturals advocates to planet and animal protection by promoting luxury but affordable natural products. Currently we're Exculsive Distributor of Hong Kong & Macau for these brands:

- Dindi Naturals -  100% natural handcrafted products like soaps, face care, hair care, body care, pet care and home fragrance.  Dindi's philosophy is【Skin Salvation﹒Planet Protection】

- ASUVI - 100% natural deodorant.【A Sustainable Vison】

- Blackout Mask -  100% natural handcrafted face masks.【A Skin Revolution】

- GEM -  Premium Natural Oral Care.【Australian Dentists approved】

- MotherSPF -  100% natural physical sunscreen.  MotherSPF's mission 【The MOTHER OF ALL SPF】The effortless, everyday sunscreen that cares.

• Made in Australia • Quality natural ingredients & plant based extracts
• Not Tested On Animal • Recyclable Packaging


- Klee Naturals -  A US brand handcrafted safe & natural makeup, water-based nail polish and hair & bath products for our children.  Klee believes【why risk exposing our children to cheap chemicals?】 

- Noyah Cosmetics - A clean & green beauty US brand for natural lip care & colors. Noyah believes earthy can be glamorous and aimed【To be leader in beauty innovation that benefits both health and planet】 

• Made in USA • Quality natural ingredients & plant extracts • 100% Non-Toxic

• NO Parabens & Phthalates • NO Synthetic Dyes & Synthetic Fragrances • NO Animal Testing

Thus, you're committed to animal and planet protection with kindanaturals while enjoying a little luxurious with our products.

Payment & Delivery 付款及送貨

Prices are shown on the Site in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD).  If your credit card is not denominated in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), the final price charged in your currency will be calculated by your issuing bank in accordance with the applicable exchange rate on the day your card issuer processes the transaction.

Order confirmation
Once received your order via the Site, our customer services will contact you within 48 hours for the confirmation of order details.  Once completed, we will send you an email as final order confirmation.

1. Credit card or PayPal: Visa, Master, American Express and Union cards are acceptable.
2. PayMe / FPS: Yes! We have this option, please refer to the account details when selected this option.

3. Bank transfer: Yes! We have this option, please refer to the bank details when selected this option.


We do our utmost to provide as many options as of delivery services at your convenience.

1. Local courier
- Purchase amount net $599 or below: Delivery fee to be paid by customer
- Purchase amount net $600 or up: Free delivery to a single location
- Delivery service: Within 1-3 days upon payment confirmation
- Service area: All areas within Hong Kong Island/Kowloon/New Territories including residential address
- If delivery location is out of services area, please contact our customer services for inquiry

2. Special delivery service (On quote basis)
We are pleased to provide special delivery services to customers on quote basis.  Please feel free to contact our customer services for inquiry.

3. Macau delivery service (On quote basis)

We are pleased to provide delivery services to Macau customers on quote basis.  Please feel free to contact our customer services for inquiry.


- If you are located in other countries but still want to order from us, please contact our customer services for inquiry.
- Delivery services may be delayed due to heavy rainstorm and bad weather. And/or may be suspended when Black Rainstorm Signal or Typhoon signal No.8 or above is hoisted by the Hong Kong Observatory.

Refund and Return Policy

We hope you are 100% satisfied with each purchase with us.  However if our products don't meet your expectations, you may email us stating your concern including order/invoice number within 7 days of receipt of goods.  We will get back to you within 3 working days for the result.  Please DO NOT return goods to us without our written approval.

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